iDimension 100

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Part Number:IBS-iDim100
  • Out of Box Configuration:USB touch screen display – weight display
  • NTEP configurations
  • Automatic dimensioning mode
  • Identification of flats (items less than 1.2 inches)
  • Auto Interfacing to the Following Scales:NCI Shipping Scales using NCI protocol
  • Mettler Toledo Shipping Scales
  • Mettler Toledo Scales using the MTSICS command set
  • Pennsylvania 7300 Shipping Scale
  • USB HID scales like the Fairbanks Ultegra and Mettler Toledo PS Series
  • Rice Lake 420 Indicator with custom NCI software
  • Connection to Computer via :Standard Ethernet Cable
About iDimension

iDimension 100 is the future of dimensioning. Designed as an economical solution for low- and high-volume shipping applications, iDimension 100 dimensions packages, flats and irregular shapes in sub-second speeds.iDimension 100 is equipped with the same durable dimensioning functionality and operating versatility as the iDimension Series, yet streamlined with an industry-leading compact footprint.

Like its predecessors, iDimension 100 includes the same DHCP IP address web service and free API for users to interface with the system using a simple HTTP request and XML parsing method. Ideal for industrial and countertop settings, iDimension 100 can be used in retail workstations, offices, shipping and manufacturing environment.

  • Calculates dimensions in less than 0.2 seconds
  • Instantly captures dimensions and weight data as well as an image of static items
  • Dimensions packages (NTEP), flats and irregular shapes with ease
  • Converts irregular objects like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven objects into accurate, cubed dimensions
  • Industrial-grade construction with no moving parts
  • Automatic or Manual operating modes
  • Manual Mode: Initiate dimensioning of an item via barcode scan or software function key
  • Automatic Mode: Initiate dimensioning of an item via detection in work area
  • Designed for complete peripheral setup with included USB port for monitor interface and additional USB port for interfacing to a single scale, mouse, keyboard or USB hub to connect multiple devices
  • USB monitor is optional
  • Quick assembly with necessary tools included
  • DHCP IP address web service and free API to interface with the system using a simple HTTP request and XML parsing method
  • Easy to set up and calibrate with the included calibration object and embedded web service interface via a fixed IP or DHCP
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